Safaris Inspiring Change


safaris inspiring change

if you've dreamed of an authentic african wilderness experience genuinely invested in conservation, we'd love to hear from you.


For us, this all began as an attempt create awareness of the plight of some of Africa's unique habitats and wildlife. We are from a small, little-known place in the north of Zimbabwe and through a touch of short-sightedness on the part of a certain government, we found ourselves cast upon the shores of Australia's spectacular east coast. We have a saying here which is that we're proud to be Aussies, but we'll never forget where we're from. That sentiment might've created the very yearning to establish something such as Diwa Zambezi.

Diwa Zambezi is two parts. Part one is Diwa Zambezi the travel company. Part two is the Diwa Zambezi Conservation Fund. You see, what we do initially is show people (you, the traveller!) the abundant natural riches of Southern Africa, and if those people are sufficiently impressed, they then pledge to make ongoing monthly contributions to the conservation fund, which is a federally registered charity in Australia. Check it out.

In short, it's time that the African safari landscape changed. For too long it's apparently been the realm of the well heeled and it need not be. We read something recently that mentioned that tourism arrivals in Africa account for less than 5% of tourism arrivals globally, which is a shocking statistic when you consider the continent's immense charm, variety and natural grandeur. So in light of the last couple of dismaying sentences, we'd like to change your perceptions and send you to Africa! Let's discuss how we'll do this for you.

For one, we're a non-profit company meaning no one here is in it for the money. In fact, anyone who works for us does so on a contract basis, we have no premises or fixed overheads and we know our way around all of the numbers! In turn, you can expect us to pass savings on to you. Importantly, we're also advocates and representatives of cheaper safari alternatives such as self-drive, mobile camping and back packing where it's possible. 

So we've talked about the budgetary concerns. Let's move on to Africa versus Rest of the World when it comes to tourism. Probably safe to say, one zip concerning the megafauna. Certainly tough to go past Mufasa, Julien, Melman, Timon and Pumba. Yep, they all live in Africa. Maybe the animals are not your thing however? Ever thought of surfing Swakopmund or Jeffreys Bay? Diving with Great Whites off Cape Agulhas? Delving in to some traditional Zimbabwean cuisine at The Boma in Victoria Falls? Ancient rock art and cultural expeditions in the Matopos? Maybe you'd like to experience the Day of the Riverdog and conquer the venerable tigerfish on the mighty Zambezi? What about sleeping under starry nights in the South Luangwa and pointing out the various constellations? Or perhaps bungee jumping 115 metres off a bridge is more your thing?

You see, Africa is more than a just a place of famine, disease and war :) (Enough of that BBC, CNN. Sky etc!). Get outside and join us.