Safaris Inspiring Change



A heart-warming expedition to the land of fabled animals and landscapes, the beginnings of humanity and the epitome of adventure and luxury.

If you've already been welcomed, you'll have an idea of how and why our safaris are distinguishable from others. The African safari dream is different for everyone and we realise and appreciate that. To simplify things for you, our website abides by a 'Top Experience' model whereby after identifying activities and experiences that appeal to you, we can then build your itinerary around them. Importantly, we have chosen to specialise in a select region encompassing Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia. This focus enables us to be discerning about the lodges, activities and national parks we recommend and advocate. 

We've always been fascinated by geography generally and one of our greatest joys is discovering something profound, something undiscovered, something worthy of your time as a guest of Diwa Zambezi. Throughout this website, we have sought to provide you with tour ideas that we have either personally experienced, or plan to experience at some point in the future. Before we designed this site, the consensus amongst our team was that the travel industry is saturated with a plethora of offerings and quality is rarely a foremost concern. Unfortunately this has diluted the very essence of what your personal time away from work should be. This is especially the case for Africa, where historically, there has been a tendency to point travellers down the well trodden path. Our promise to you is that we'll do exactly the opposite. We'll send you to places your friends have not been. To places free of the commonalities you've grown weary of. To places you'll return to.