Safaris Inspiring Change

JAMES BLEVIN - Co-founder and Safari Specialist

Chartered accountant, geographer, master river navigator. As a passionate student of not only Africa but the globe, James savours creating innovative itineraries. In fact, he's still waiting on a group to christen the 'West to East'. We won't elaborate here but if you'd like to know more, he'd love to hear from you!

SAMMY BLEVIN - Co-founder and Head of Design

Visionary, compositor, master graphic designer. Without Sammy, much of the Diwa Zambezi brand would still be just a dream. It took three long weeks of back and forth between Sammy and James for the 'Diwa kudu' to be perfected. Have another look at it and you'll see what we mean. Sammy is also the friendliest of the Diwa bunch, so hers will be the first voice you hear :)

BENJI BLEVIN - Director and South Africa Specialist

Mechanical engineer, mediator, master angler. We didn't have to search for long to find a good photo of Benji. This smile pervades everything he does and it goes without saying that you're likely to remember fondly, a tour led by him. Benji is also tiger-fishing mad and will lead our efforts to tag and research tigerfish movement patterns and behaviour in the Middle Zambezi.

NICK BLEVIN - Director and Namibia/Botswana Specialist

Naturalist, adventurer, master fisherman. The next adventure is always just around the corner for Nick, he thrives on the uncharted and is most at home in the wilderness. Your first conversation with Nick will reveal his passion for Africa's wilds and he can't wait to share them with you.

JOE RUSHWAYA - Director and Fundraising Coordinator

Humanitarian, environmentalist, master event planner. Here at Diwa Zambezi, we're all passionate about our roots but Joe really typifies that sentiment. He doubles as the conservation fund's chief fundraiser and unsurprisingly, he is a fervent advocate of involving communities in conservation initiatives.

ANDY LOWE - Partner and Photographer Extraordinaire

Explorer, conservationist, master photographer. You'd call Andy well travelled and not surprisingly, he reserves the favourite tag for the Zambezi Valley, the very place that inspired us to embark on the Diwa Zambezi peregrination. Keep an eye out for Andy's photos throughout our site and remember, we'd be more than happy to put you, your camera and Andy together in your preferred Southern African destination.