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the diwa zambezi conservation fund

ah, the charity of it all.

The Diwa Zambezi Conservation Fund came first. After half a decade of returning to the Zambezi Valley for annual trips from Australia, we began to conceive of a way to give back. That way manifested itself as a charity initially registered in Queensland and then later, federally (all of Australia). The charity's mission is to expose foreigners to Southern Africa's wonders, and some of the tribulations it is constantly confronted with. As with any place on earth, all is not always merry in this great southern land. Believe it or not, people will apply for mining tenements in national parks, they will ignore the pleas for ecology studies, they will give preservation of a wilderness area and developing it for agriculture equal weight and they will ignore the poaching threat until it is too late. 

So we've established that there was a need for a conservation charity but let's be honest with ourselves here. Should we have expected foreigners to donate to a cause for some far off place when the local cancer hospice is struggling for funds? No. Which is why you're reading about this charity on a travel website. Go on a Diwa safari and ask questions later is our modus operandi. 

That said, we have hosted a couple of successful fundraisers, the profits of which have been used principally in supporting our two implementing partners, The Tashinga Initiative and Conservation Lower Zambezi. Specifically, our pet project of late has been the construction of the Nyakasikana anti-poaching base in Mana Pools National Park. Ultimately, we'd like to be involved with conservation organisations in all of the wilderness areas and national parks we visit with clients. Baby steps...


'A Night for the Zambezi' - 2018

We're looking forward to seeing some new faces at our 2018 fundraiser at Lightspace on the 1st of June 2018. If you're undecided on whether you'll be joining us, please take some time to enjoy the pictures below and read about the 2016 version here.